Compliance and Standards Information

COVID-19 updated guideline:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services strongly encourage wearing of masks in situations where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth is mandatory in all public places, for everyone aged 8 and over, including in public service vehicles, unless an exemption applies.

See poster below for more information on these exemptions.
















We’re in the process of putting together a complete and organised resource for compliance and standards required for small businesses in Fiji. As a start, if you are looking to reopen your business safely while we are under restrictions, as per the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism, and Transport, in order to be considered, businesses must provide the following details, on the respective business letterhead, when requesting approval:

1. Name of Company;
2. Company COVID-19 Response Standard Operating Procedures;
3. Vehicle registration numbers;
4. Names, address, and ID numbers of all drivers/passengers;
5. Details of good/service;
6. Details of travel routes and time; and
7. Phone contact of essential traveling staff.

Quick link to the Protocols for Business Operations document here.

Applications to be lodged on

Turnaround time for applications is 24-48 hours.

For any further queries or clarifications, call phone number 163.

For more information, you can visit MCTTT’s website here.