Partners and Programs

Greenhouse Coworking partners with other organisations to enhance and extend the support we give to our community, and we are always looking to collaborate with others who believe in what we are trying to do. In fact, we would not be here without the help of one of our main partners, the Market Development Facility (MDF), who was the first partner who believed in our vision.

You can see below the current programs we are running with partners and if you are interested to take part in any upcoming opportunities, subscribe here.


Market Development Facility (MDF)

MDF is one of our biggest supporters and main partners at Greenhouse Coworking as they understand the impact of the work we are doing to develop a space for MSMEs. They have been working hard alongside our team since late 2019 and we can honestly say that we would not have been able to make Greenhouse Coworking happen without their amazing support!

About MDF:

MDF Fiji traditionally works in the key sectors of agriculture and tourism to improve their resilience and competitiveness and has recently expanded to support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) business development services and into the emergent outsourced services sub-sector.

UNDP Pacific Digital Economy Program (PDEP)

The UNCDF team in Fiji is one of our partners through their support as a long-term private office occupant at Greenhouse Coworking.

UNCDF offers “last mile” finance models to unlock public and private resources, especially at the domestic level, to reduce poverty and support local economic development. The “last mile” is where available resources for development are scarcest; where market failures are most pronounced; and where benefits from national growth tend to leave vulnerable people excluded.

In the Pacific, UNCDF works in three important areas: (i) Climate Disaster Risk Finance, (ii) Digital economies and Innovative finance, and (iii) Blue Economy.

Partnering with UNDP, UNCDF has launched three initiatives in the region to foster inclusive digital economies, boost private sector-led growth and strengthen the resilience of low-income households against natural disasters, and attract private and public capital for the blue economy. The programmes include:

  • Pacific Digital Economy Programme (PDEP)
  • Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme (PICAP)
  • Investing in Coral Reefs and the Blue Economy Programme

PDEP will be a key driver for many of the activities and initiatives that are most interesting for the co-working space community. As a successor of the well-known Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme, it will aim to leverage digital technologies to enable greater financial inclusion in the region. With correct application, digital technologies offer a way for Pacific islanders to improve their livelihoods and quality of life.

In Fiji, UNCDF has also partnered with business incubator, Matanataki, to develop innovative financing solutions to spur impact investments from the private sector in reef-positive businesses. This will help the country sustain and harness the benefits of a healthy blue economy and meet its targets under the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals agenda.


GSMA Accelerator Program

Are you interested in learning more about working with mobile operators?

Most companies would love to be able to work with their local operators’ large customer base, domain expertise, marketing muscle, and technical prowess. But getting access to these large companies can be confusing and daunting: How to pitch? To whom? How best to position your product or service?

Here’s a chance to both find out how to work with your local mobile operator AND potentially pitch to commercial decision-makers for the opportunity to establish a business relationship.

Greenhouse Coworking has partnered with GSMA (the Global Mobile Trade Association made up of over 750 mobile network operators) and DFAT, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to offer a free series of workshops to help you and your company develop the skills and knowledge to work with your local operators.


Do you want to join our community but is not in a good financial position at the moment to pay for membership? We have some partial scholarships available through our partnership with MDF so send us a message and we'll be in touch.