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Date: 3 September 2021, Friday
Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Platform: Zoom

Event before the pandemic hit, most of us found it really difficult to focus and get important things done at a time where constant distractions and noise are the norm. So many emails, text messages, chat messages, phone calls, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook posts and the list goes on of everything interrupting your workflow. Now that most of us are working from home, it’s even become even more challenging with the addition of being around your children, housework, homeschooling, and if you live on your own, just so incredibly isolating and lonely.

We get it! Most of us are still learning how to work from home effectively. What if we told you there is a way to hack into your consciousness so you are able to tap into your state of flow to get those big items done and done?

Sign up for our Getting in the Zone Sprint to find focus and flow on IMPORTANT over urgent work (like writing that book, starting a side hustle, writing that big proposal, working ON your business, not IN your business, and many others) with other Greenhouse coworking community members.

“Flow is a mental state of focused attention so intense that it does not allow us to have cognitive bandwidth left for anything else. It is a state of such profound task-absorption and intense concentration that makes a person feel one with the activity.”

Positive psychology

Our Community Manager will guide you through this 3-hour event and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in this virtual coworking activity!

About the Host:

Community Manager at Greenhouse Coworking. Also, Mama of two not so little humans, a partner, cook, cleaner, advisor, hugger, problem solver, and home keeper.

With a diverse background in Fashion Design, Administration, Film Production, Sales and Marketing, I am able to draw from different experiences and knowledge that will help me navigate, and be impactful in both my career and personal life.

I am realising and fulfilling my purpose, one day at a time, through love, faith, and resilience.

Armed with the right attitude, a strong support system, and kindness …. the possibilities are endless.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

– Tony Robbins

More info about me:

My Linkedin profile

Event Photo Credit: Chase Clark from Unsplash

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Annie on our Patio

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Well I am originally English but I have now lived most of my life as an expat – both as a child in the U.S.
for a few years, and as an adult I lived for many years in Dubai before coming to Fiji in 2019. I am a
University lecturer, I currently run the psychology programs at USP and try to support the development
of mental health services and the psychology industry here in whatever way I can.
Outside of work my ‘Personal Brand’ (i.e. my social media posts) tend to center around my sporting
pursuits and my work to SPCA by fostering kittens. In that respect I guess I am the very stereotypical
middle-aged single female who has ALL the cats at home!

Tell us about your business/consultancy.

As you can see from the above I don’t have a business to promote and I am not one of the inspirational
entrepreneurs or digital nomad consultants that frequent the tables around me at Greenhouse. I have
spent most of my career focused on student teaching and support, school management and curriculum
development (in both UAE and Fiji) as well as working with applied psychologists to helps develop
professional practice. At various times I have done some of the ‘fun’ media stuff as well – I once even
had a little radio slot and did regular TV interviews on psychology related topics. So it is probably fair to
say I see myself on the lighter side of ‘academia’ and think a priority should be working with students
and to have strong links between the psychological science and the community we are in.

Describe yourself in three words.

Well I guess I must have reflected on this question many years ago when I got a tattoo on my wrist with
symbols of my 3 passions in life: Psychology, Music, and Fitness!

Best advice you have ever received?

I have received a lot of good advice over the years specific to my job and the nature of my work, but in
fact, it is the less formal ‘hashtag’ style life advice that I tend to fall back on more often. Saying to myself
things like ‘the only way out is through’ and ‘this too shall pass’ have genuinely helped me cope and get
through hard times.

Why did you choose Greenhouse Coworking?

Sometimes I think I may be the unicorn at the ‘Greenhouse atrium’ as I of course do have a perfectly
adequate office space at the otherwise very beautiful USP campus but I just realized during COVID that I am far more productive and comfortable working in spaces that I choose for myself and that give me a
sense of creativity (whether that be at home or in public spaces). And since my courses are all online
mode (they were even before COVID) and I have a range of other work tasks beyond working directly with students, the membership at Greenhouse gives me an ideal option for a couple of days in the week.
However it is more than that – I really feel energised being at Greenhouse. This is partly because it is
such as well-designed and ‘modern’ space, and partly because it is full of people who are all busy and
focused (and In my mind must all be doing very interesting and important things for the world!)…so you
feel both socially engaged and entirely focused and not distracted at the same time.
(plus coffee, music in the background, occasional shared food….and right down the road from the gym
and public pool helps!)

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Anil on ‘The Terrace

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I was born and bred in Nausori, Fiji and am a husband to the most beautiful lady, I am also blessed with two amazing children and two loving canines. I spent fourteen years in the Fijian Civil Service before starting as a Senior Project Officer at Beyond Essential Systems (BES). 

With a keen interest in technology, I studied Information Systems at the University of the South Pacific and completed my Masters in 2019. I also had the opportunity to study Technology in Japan, South Korea, and India.

My role in BES includes deploying cloud and on-premises environments for hosting our software and maintaining them. These are used on projects for health system strengthening and COVID-19 testing in Fiji and across Indo-Pacific. Apart from looking after the deployments, I also provide at the elbow support and training.

Tell us about your organisation.

I work for an amazing organisation with a multicultural workforce. Beyond Essential Systems is an Australian B-Corp that creates and implements innovative solutions. We have developed a fit-for-purpose suite of eHealth solutions, including flagship products Tupaia and Tamanu, that fit together to create a completely integrated software ecosystem. All our products operate offline, with syncing capability, and are open source. You can read more about the amazing work we do on our social media pages: 



What is your favourite way to spend a day off?

I love spending time with my family. My family has always been my number one priority and we love going out for movies, swimming, playing soccer, chilling out at home or just catching up with chores. Saturdays are spent taking the kids out to fun parks and shopping while we spend Sunday at home baking cookies with the kids or preparing a special Sunday lunch.

What makes you the happiest?

I am a foodie and cooking is my thing. I love to cook for my family and it’s awesome when they enjoy it as much I do. I generally cook well but it doesn’t always go to plan when you are trying out new dishes. I love seafood and keep trying new things from the internet. 

From a professional point of view, I love it when I am able to assist clients resolve issues. It’s so rewarding to take on and resolve a challenge. I love meeting clients in person and learning how we have helped them overcome challenges with our system. As the saying goes ‘every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution’ and at BES, we pride ourselves as being able to do that and beyond.

What drew you to sign up at Greenhouse Coworking?

Greenhouse came up in our meeting while we were looking for an office space. We came to visit Greenhouse and were greeted by the friendliest staff who gave us a tour of the office and we just fell in love with the environment and the amazing Zen. Not forgetting the great coffee. We signed the agreement the following week and we have been enjoying the working environment ever since.

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Natasha on ‘The Terrace

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Bula! Natasha here and I hail from Teilevu, vasu Beqa but born and raised in Suva. Married to a wonderful man, my partner in crime, Derwood for almost 13 years. Together we have adopted our maltipoo, Wynter.

I went to Yat Sen Primary and Secondary then was fortunate to gain a scholarship at USP and graduated with a Double Degree in Geography and Land Management. After that, I joined the best Real Estate team, Harcourts. I worked in administration and then became a rental and sales agent. Having being there for a bit over 13 years gaining experience and just learning more about our market, I finally took the plunge and opened my own agency and if that wasn’t scary enough, the move was done during COVID.

I’m humbled and optimistic about the move and now have opened Tikotiko Real Estate.

Tell us about your business/consultancy

Tikotiko Real Estate is 3 months old and we’ve been appreciative to receive business from return clients and making new connections.

Tikotiko Real Estate looks forward to assisting all walks of life in achieving real estate success. We understand that it is more than property, we identify what’s important to you and we fill in those gaps to help you find where you belong. Whether that be finding your forever home, grow your investment portfolio and even selling to set sail into the sunset for that retirement dream.  

Best childhood memory?

Where do I start? One of the many that I do have is of my grandmother and an uncle dressing me up as Madonna for a fancy dress for a friends birthday. Just having family support in just about anything is lovely to look back and appreciate. I also got my first little radio as first prize for that fancy dress.

What drew you to sign up at Greenhouse Coworking?

Starting my new business, I needed to surround myself with a positive and an innovative workspace and to be part of a community where networking would be done organically. GCo is that and much much more.