Greenhouse Coworking is both a virtual and physical space where we put the needs of our community first, and so to encourage our members to connect and thrive we organise all kinds of events, workshops and classes. Some are free for all to attend while some are exclusively for Greenhouse Coworking members only. Subscribe to our e-newsletter so we can keep you posted!

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Member Feature: Lavenia Drodrolagi

Mrs Drodrolagi is this week's member feature and is a passionate educator, who believes in shaping the next generation. When touring GCo in Feb with her husband, they loved that we had multifunctional open spaces as well as private zoom rooms that she could use to meet with her students for their tutoring classes. Take a read to find out more.
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Member Feature: Annie Crookes

This week for our member feature, we had the chance to have a chat with one of our members, Annie Crookes. Annie was kind enough to spare some time to answer a few questions about herself and what she thought of Greenhouse Coworking. Why don't you read a bit about her so you can strike a conversation with her next time you're both in the space? 
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Member Feature: Anil Karan

We are all about meeting new people and making new connections that could potentially last a lifetime and the first step to achieving that is not being shy and saying a big 'Bula' to someone! For this week's member feature, we spoke to Anil Karan at the space and he was kind enough to give us his thoughts on our space and what stood out for him. Feel free to read more about Anil so the next time he's at the space, you can say Bula!