Need to set up your office in Fiji without all the headache and hassle?

At Greenhouse Coworking, you can literally setup your office in a day by signing up to our DEDICATED PLAN and it comes with:

  • reserved seat
  • fast wifi
  • comfy ergonomic chair
  • onsite security and CCTV surveillance
  • daily cleaning services
  • private meeting rooms
  • personal lockable drawers
  • shower facilities
  • community and networking events
  • printing/scanning services (charged per use)
  • unlimited coffee and more!

When you sign up for a dedicated plan, a seat is reserved for you at our shared coworking space - and as your team grows, we can reserve a whole table for you, complete with a printed logo of your organisation or company to let other members know that it's your reserved area. There are many benefits included in your membership as well like the free use of our various meeting rooms for a good number of hours. Check them out and the versatile ways they can be set up below.

Sign up for a Dedicated Plan NOW

We have a FREE Day Pass so you can experience the space.