Right from the very beginning when The Greenhouse Studio was born in 2014, our mission has remained true and unchanged to this day - To be the leading creative hub in the Pacific where people converge to collaborate and solve our region's biggest challenges. 

For over 7 years, The Greenhouse Studio has survived and thrived even through the most difficult of times like being in the midst of a pandemic like today, because of our tenacity to keep innovating. We’re a small business that continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible. We started Greenhouse with the philosophy of using our knowledge, skills, and expertise to inspire change, and in 2017 we started talking about the possibility of expanding our positive impact by opening a Coworking space. It has been quite a journey since then! So if you are asking why Greenhouse, our answer is simply this - we know what it's like, to have no one believe in you at first, to hustle so hard despite all the obstacles. We're here now to offer you that much-needed support that we ourselves wish we had.

Greenhouse Coworking is owned and managed by The Greenhouse Studio, an award-winning, multidisciplinary, Fiji-based creative studio, that specialises in branding, print, digital, and integrated communication experiences, with a focus on finding innovative solutions that inspire change.

Four years after starting the business, we started talking about coworking and workation spaces, which we had heard and learned about as we considered our team as flexible, digital nomads ourselves. As our mission was to be a creative hub, which we were doing virtually for our clients as a creative agency, we saw the space as the physical and living manifestation of this hub. A space abuzz with people inspired by ideas and working together as a community. It took awhile for our team to get here - a lot of hard work, determination and innumerable cups of coffee later and here we are!

Greenhouse Coworking is the next chapter in The Greenhouse Studio's story. It is the studio growing, transforming, and evolving. We hope you'll join us as we pen the other chapters in our story and that we can also take part in yours.

Our Values

We are a socially-conscious business that adheres to the principles of the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. We are a place where our mantra consists of inspiring change in communities and people. And so Greenhouse Coworking is driven by the values of Collaboration, Community, and Change. We believe that there is nothing we cannot do, even in the hardest of times, if we work together.

Our Team

Greenhouse Coworking is managed by the team at The Greenhouse Studio - we are all part of the same wild family of fabulously creative, friendly, and motivated individuals! 

As we grow our community, we are looking for people who have a passion for building connections and strengthening our tribe of problem-solvers and changemakers to join our team. We are currently looking for a Community Coordinator to join our tribe-builders. The deadline for applications is on 18 February 2032 (Saturday), so click here to find out more about our requirements or email tell us why we're right for each other at cowork@greenhousefiji.com with your CV.